Royal Indian Granite
Manufacturer and Exporter of Exclusive Stones Products from India
Packaging of construction stones such as granites and marbles are to be done with utmost care. Stones are understood to be hard in nature but before customer get's his hand in them, they have been subjected to harse treatment as they travel miles through rough seas. Hence it is fundamental and essential that they are securly packed to surpass all the harsh treatment. In order to protect these stones from breakage or even damage (like straining etc.) our dedicated packaging team ensures the right procesures while packing stones in wooden crates. Every crate which leaves our facility has a crate number burned into the wood along with a label which clearly displays the crate's content, crate number, size, number of pieces and colour. The material is packed in wooden boxes / pallets generally made up of Eucalyptus / Mango wood. Then the crates are treated chemically and are fumigated before dispatch. Personal care is taken in brazing and latching the crates to avoid damage during transit. The wooden boxes are finally wrapped in a water proof plastic to avoid any exposure to sun, water or cold.
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